We work as a team with attorneys and/or mediators to help protect the marital estate and to preserve the most for both parties.  When required, we are qualified as an expert to testify in court, either as an advocate or as a neutral party.

Beverly Brautigam is a Court-appointed Expert, a Court-appointed Special Master, and a Qualified Expert in several northern California Counties.

Brautigam & Co., specialist in divorce tax, supports the divorce team in addressing these accounting and tax issues:

Identifying tax consequences of a settlement offer or agreement
Reading and interpreting tax returns
Determining filing status (an issue in even the less complex cases)
Determining cash flow available for support
Preparing and reviewing Income and Expense Declarations
Calculating lifestyle limitations
Reviewing Marital Settlement Agreements for tax issues
Calculating reimbursements
Determining if spousal support meets the alimony requirements
Calculating or avoiding alimony recapture
Identifying and calculating Epstein and Watts credits
Addressing Moore/Marsden issues
Identifying family residence issues
Conducting tracings
Helping qualify legal fees as deductible

And, BEST OF ALL, SAVING TAX! dollar sign.gif (5436 bytes)                                 

Our fees make sense.....

A recent tracing done by our firm confirmed that $900,000 of  property was separate. If it had been community, our client would have received only half. This way our client got the whole thing – an additional $450,000. Not a bad return on a $30,000 investment!


flag.gif (2175 bytes)State tax law does not limit our ability to assist you with the tax consequences of divorce. Tax issues in divorce are governed by the federal tax code, which applies throughout the US.


If you have a case you're working on and wonder if an accountant should be involved, call or e-mail us.





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