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If you are someone contemplating or coping with divorce, you are probably experiencing much confusion.

You may be asking yourself some of these frequently asked questions:

What is the process (Where do I get started? What do I do first?)
Will I have to go back to work?
Will the children be able to get a college education?
Will we have to sell the house?
Will I have to pay spousal or child support?
How will we divide our assets?
Will our assets have to be sold?
If I stay in the house, will I have to pay my spouse to do so?
Which bills should I pay and which bills should my spouse pay?
What happens to our retirement plans?
Will I be able to keep the kids?
I had assets when we married, does my spouse share in these?
What property will I get to keep?
What income will I have?
Can I afford to remarry?
How much will my divorce cost and is it deductible?

Brautigam & Co. specializes in divorce taxation and can help you answer these questions and many others that will be unique to your situation.  Brautigam & Co. will guide you through the process.  You will learn about and understand your choices, your finances and the final result.

We earn your trust during this unsettling time by working as a team with your attorney, mediator and/or your financial professional to avoid financial surprises, especially at tax time.  When required, we are qualified as an expert to testify in court either as an advocate or as a neutral third party.

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A client didn't want to file a joint return with her spouse.  She was told that was the only way she could avoid paying the $4,000 in tax she'd owe was if she filed as married, filing separately.  What she learned from Brautigam & Co. is that she qualified as head of household, and would receive a refund.  She saved over $4,000 with a $100 investment (our fee).


flag.gif (2175 bytes)State tax law does not limit our ability to assist you with the tax consequences of divorce. Tax issues in divorce are governed by the federal tax code, which applies throughout the US.


If you're interested in saving tax and preserving your hard-earned assets, call or e-mail us.



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